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Extra Size Sleep Eye Mask- Smoothing

Extra Size Sleep Eye Mask- Smoothing
Shade your eyes:
The main effect of shading eye mask is to keep out light, eliminate interference, build an environment that suits morpheus, suit day and outdoor use more, rest at noon for instance, when taking plane, car. However, attention must be paid to the use, must ensure that the use in a safe environment, otherwise, due to the failure to timely respond to the risk factors, leading to the occurrence of the risk;
The choice of blindfold also has exquisite, had better choose natural, soft cotton to pledge a product, the most comfortable it is the blindfold of super soft flannelette. And blindfold had better be brunet, ability has avoid smooth effect.
Next, blindfold is worn, must tightness is appropriate, and permeability is good. Too loose fall in morpheus easily, make the eye suffers light stimulation, too tight the nerve around pressing eyeball easily, affect haemal circulation.
Product Details:

★ Quick Details:


■ 【SOFT AND BREATHABLE】: Soft, comfortable and breathable fabric. It is skin-friendly without the pressure feeling and protect your eye skin from long-term friction caused by the foam eye mask;

■ 【SUPER LIGHT-BLOCKING】: The rich filling inside the sleeping mask, plus the soft curve around nose, which can block out much light. Let you enjoy your sweet dream.

★ Product information:


Sleeping Eye Masks


Sleeping Eye Masks


Sleeping Eye Masks

● 【WIDENED HEADBAND】: In the case of no stretch, advantage fully adjustable strap from 8.7 inches to 15.8 inches. When adjusted to the proper position, the mask will stay on all night without sliding out and not tangle your hair.

● 【COMFORTABLY AND RELAXED】: The smooth fabric bring you the comfortable sleeping experience. Relieve insomnia and migraine headaches while promoting better blood circulation.

● 【SLEEP FRIEND】: It's a family suite sleeping mask for women, men, teenagers and kids. Suitable for travel, listening to music, camping, napping, night shift and meditation.

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