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Cute Sleep Mask - Soft And Comfortable Animal Plush Blindfold

Cute Sleep Mask - Soft And Comfortable Animal Plush Blindfold
Sleep is associated with a hormone called melatonin. Light decreases at night, the body's melatonin secretion increases, so that people have a feeling of sleep. Light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin and make people wake up. Urban life is often difficult to avoid the interference of light on sleep, such as the various light sources at night in the city, the mutual interference of living quarters or the midday nap. Sleep light can not only affect people's sleep state, but also lead to anxiety, irritability, even insomnia and other sub-health problems.
Therefore, reducing the effects of light is an essential step in creating a healthy sleeping environment. Wearing an eye mask when sleeping or needing a short rest can create a dark and dark sleeping environment, facilitate sleep, and ensure the continuity and stability of sleep. Faced with the problem of light affecting sleep, it is common practice to buy an eye mask.
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◆ Each Mask has an Elasticated Headband to Fit most Head Sizes;

◆ It's ideal for home or travel.You can take it to anywhere easily during travel;

◆ Skin friendly comfy material, soft and lightweight, no pressure on eyes, lovely color eye mask with elastic strap;


◆ Perfect for Shift Workers, IT guys, writers, designers or travellers sleep when travel on flight train or bus, or for students or white collars who need noon break in short time;

◆ Blocks out light-works well even if you sleep on your side;Slip and eyeshade over your eyes and stuff earplugs into your ears after reading watching cellphone,computer or driving;

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