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Adjustable Elastic Strap- Lightweight

Adjustable Elastic Strap- Lightweight
Care eye mask:
Health care eye mask generally refers to the eye care equipment with health care functions, in addition, there is a health care function is cold hot compress liquid eye mask, can be placed in cold water or hot water cooling or heating, suitable for eye fatigue and appear when the pain feeling, can play a role in eliminating eye fatigue. However, special attention should be paid to the instructions when selecting and using the product.
Product Details:
Quick Details:

SLEEPING SOUNDLY-Nothing can be worse than sleeping with lights all around. Don’t worry. The comfortable MSSilk Mulberry Silk Eye Mask comes! Made from 100% high quality mulberry silk, which is made up of proteins and amino acids that naturally spring out the environment, and free of many of the chemicals that may irritate your skin or cause you to lose sleep. The eye mask offers you unbelievably cozy and silky enjoyment!


TOTAL LIGHT BLOCKER – Are you a sensitive sleeper who are troubled by annoying little glares like lights beaming out from outlets, clocks, phone and window? With larger than normal-size, this mask has great effect on shutting out light, makes everything pitch black and enforce good sleep habits.

Product information:

▲ LIGHT AS FEATHER- Silk's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. Delightfully soft and smooth on your eyelids, breathable material brings soothing to your eyes. It's so lightweight and comfortable that you hardly know you're wearing it;

▲ ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC STRAP- With a fairly wide adjustable elastic strap in the back, it never has to be too tight, and once it's more worn out it won't be too loose. Suitable for both men and women. Adjustable band length: from 23cm/9in ~42cm/16.5in; Fit for head circumference from around 45cm/17.7in~75cm/29.5in;

▲ PHYSICAL PARAMETERS: Size: length: 8.3in; widest width: 3.7in; narrowest width: 3.1in.; Adjustable girth: 40cm/15.7in~70cm/27.6in; Come with a set of earplug in a pretty carry pouch.

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