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Wallet Female Coin Purse Wallet Women

Wallet Female Coin Purse Wallet Women
When cleaning a wallet, choose a brush or a clean cotton cloth according to the material of the wallet, so as to ensure that the wallet will not be damaged by the wrong cleaning method.
Leather purseif you use leather cleanser to clean your wallet, a pair of eyeglasses wipes are a cheap and easy to use aid that won't scratch your wallet. And the kind of commonly used at both ends of a gray a white pencil, atomic pen dual-use eraser, can be used as a suede bag cleaning tools, if slightly dirty, can be used in general pencil white eraser gently wipe removal; Serious smudge, the gray eraser end that can wipe atomic pen will remove, the reason is friction is stronger, but start also a few lighter, lest damage purse.
And clean nylon pledges qualitative bag and cloth bread, can press purse surface gently with the wet cloth that does not drop water, besides silk, silken reach satiny bag money outside, can try tooth brush to touch toothpaste to do local cleanness. But no matter the purse of any kind of material pledges, after cleanness should be put in ventilated place shade is dry, can not take to bask quickly, because the purse after the course clear water is swabed, it is the most fragile time, sudden high temperature illuminate, can bring about purse to fade or leather becomes hard, easy and brittle
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1. Q:What’s MOQ of this bag

A:The MOQ is 100pcs/style

2. Q: Can i use my logo on the bag?

A:ODM&OEM is welcome

3. Q:How about the sample free?

A:Sample charge can be return after order above our MOQ is placed.

4. Q:Can i have a sample first before lar ge order?

 A:sample order is available,but should pay the sample freight.

5. Q:What is the delivery date for goods?

 A:Normally 25-35 days for big order.

6. Q:What is your payment term?

 A:Our payment term is 30% deposit,70% balance before shipment.

7. Q: Do you recruit agent distributors?

 A:We sincerely recruit agent distributors from all countries!

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