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Why Does Nonwoven Packaging Bag ''dominate'' The Market?
Jul 07, 2018

After the development of environmental bags in recent years, they can be recycled many times, and the low-carbon, environment-friendly non-woven environmental bags are popular. Recently, stubborn plastic bags have been replaced by environmentally friendly non-woven bags that can be recycled many times. In the future, non-woven environmental packaging is expected to dominate the market.

Market trend: why nonwoven packaging bags can "dominate" the market? At present, China's "plastic limit" continues to heat up, providing a great growth space for non-woven environmental bag manufacturers.

Most of the cloth bags used by businesses or individuals are only focused on economic benefits, while plastic crafts rarely consider the issue from the perspective of environmental protection. More diverse environmental protection element of products, which requires more differentiated environmental protection bag, has become the bag bag each to use is the trend of the development of the industry, non-woven packaging machinery technology development is the driving force will be the end of the trend.

The packing bag of 3 to 5 years in the future market development in existing non-woven bag, environmental protection bag, non-woven bag, laminating laser non-woven bags, and cotton bag and so on environmental protection bag, PP non-woven material will be to the textile and apparel or accessories, as well as health care, housing, travel, food wine, and many other applications. Products will further promote the development trend of the development of environmental protection bags of differentiation, such as color coated non-woven bags, uv printing non-woven bags (coated) dairy packaging bag (packaging products), and family, daily life, industrial, medical and product packaging.

The diversity of eco-bag product development will eventually promote the innovation of environment-friendly packaging materials and structures. Consumed less raw materials, low cost, easy to carry and other unique advantages determines the non-woven environmental protection bags must be constantly in technology innovation, to follow the development of beverage, use plastic bags or paper bags as a packaging material of beer, wine and beverage such as carbonated drinks, coffee, honey with the constant improvement of the environmental protection bag industry, non-woven environmental protection bags replace non-biodegradable plastic bags, and widely used is the inevitable trend.