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The Vast Market Behind A Green Bag
Jul 07, 2018

In the promotion of low carbon environmental protection today, the portable shopping bag of environmental protection material has happened to enter People's Daily life. And the plastic bag that can cause pollution to the environment is quietly out of people's sight. The material of environmental protection bag is divided into non-woven cloth, cotton cloth, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth and other recyclable use

This year, the media launched the "hot search list of the two sessions". According to relevant data, the most important focus of netizens is the environmental protection and energy conservation policy. In response to the government's call, several delegates at the meeting carried environmental bags, turning environmental awareness into action, leading to social attention. "Green bag" became a buzzword for a while.

Non-woven fabric environmental protection bag, after the "plastic limit order" for people to pay attention to, as the name implies, raw material environmental protection and degradable, different from the plastic bag "white pollution" damage. But we can't help thinking, what career does an environmental bag ultimately bring to the broad market?

An environmental bag, which shopping malls will enter after all? From the selection of raw materials, to manufacturing, and to the sale of shopping malls, the market of environmental bags is faced with the potential of shopping malls in three aspects: raw material supply, manufacturing and single product sales. And single product sells a few years more with fashionable single product enters bazaar, raw material supplies and manufacturing photograph union again mostly, can divide into manufacturing bazaar and fashionable single product bazaar two parts directly.

From the manufacturing market, the environmental bag manufacturer's market sales increased year by year. Environmental bag manufacturers have emerged in recent years, with a large number of mixed quality. It is worth mentioning that many manufacturers began to choose polyester fiber as the preferred raw material. Polyester fiber is a new generation of environmental protection material, non-woven fabrics, placed outdoor natural differentiation of 90 days, placed in the interior can be used for 5 years, non-toxic, tasteless, burning with no residue, polluting the environment, is recognized in the world of the earth's ecological environment protection products.

After the bag is made, it will be put into the store for inspection. This is the second shopping mall of environmental bag, and its appearance is also in the form of fashion items. The manufacturing cost of environmental protection bag is not high, but should regard as tide sheet product, design foundation is true kung fu. Design is to sell the "heighten mat" of the market to some extent, good design will be more easily accepted and loved by consumers.

Today is a lot of star already regard environmental protection bag as fashionable standard to match now, regard environmental protection bag as the embodiment of the idea of carrying out environmental protection, relaxed and optional but fashionable feeling is dye-in-the-wood. Environmental bags are not mom's products, but fashionable hipsters like accessories. When an environmentally friendly bag is fully and perfectly designed, it is usually supported by tens of thousands of consumers.

There are not many famous environmental bag brands in the world, but LOQI is the last one. The LOQI multipurpose bag with fashionable elements, created by the German art master, USES polyester fiber to not only protect the environment, but also meet the needs of shopping mania. "One cloth forming" sewing skills can enhance the durability of environmental protection bags, easily carry 20KG of weight, and have specially designed wide side shoulder to reduce the pressure on the arm.

More people have seized the fashion opportunity in the environmental bag planning, which is the customized service of environmental bag. For example, CUCCI has invited celebrities to plan the environmental bag and made enough media spotlight. LOQI, on the other hand, has spawned a "customized" service that allows consumers to plan their own eco-bags, which is not only fun in the process, but also adds another reminder and value to the bag.

The development of the market needs to have a very forward-looking vision. Environmental bags can also serve as a window for enterprises to publicize, promoting the company's trademark, totem or as a companion hand gift, company products are an excellent choice.