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Precautions For The Purchase Of Canvas Bags
Jul 07, 2018

Canvas bags are made of coarse linen, the biggest feature of which is strong and durable. Its versatility is also favored by many people and can be matched with any outfit. With more and more design elements of canvas bags, the market of canvas bags has formed the fashion pursuit represented by driftwood brand.

1, from the fabrics, mainly canvas cloth, corduroy, wool velvet fabrics, such as the winter with some artificial wool, good quality canvas, uniform corduroy fabric texture, feel is exquisite, feel is relatively not very smooth.

2, from the ingredients, compared with the leather bag, the cloth shape is not strong, easy to deformation, so the production sheet, general pressure on the fabric will be a layer of non-woven fabric (i.e., girls often use compressed facial mask raw materials) to form solid package, heavy non-woven fabric prices higher and higher, it is better to be fixed and package form, so in general, metal ingredients, under the condition of same weight heavy cloth is better.

3, from the material, pure cotton, silk, cotton and chemical fiber in material in compared to more strong, not easy to wire drawing, may we often meet this kind of circumstance: bag not bad appearance, inside is broken, so the choose and buy bags, inside is very important. Some brand bags will have the brand LOGO in the material, of course, the price is also increased accordingly.

4. From the work, the finer the stitching, the stronger the bag and the less easy it is to open the thread.

5. From the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks and so on, the best I can see now is probably made of copper, although the weight is heavy.