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High - Grade Laser Non - Woven Bag Has Become The New Pet Of High - Grade Gift Industry
Jul 07, 2018

Non-woven products in our life has a very wide range of applications, as a new environmental protection materials and our daily life more and more close, according to different production technology and raw materials of non-woven fabric has very many different series, the spunlace nonwoven fabric and PP polypropylene adhesive non-woven most widely used, including spunlace nonwoven due to feel is more often used in soft silk scarves and beauty towel paper, PP polypropylene imitation adhesive non-woven are used in environmental protection bag making, today we introduce you to a high-grade non-woven bags - laser film non-woven environmental protection bags.

Ordinary non-woven bag we should always be able to see in life now, brought great convenience to our life, more durable than plastic bags for ordinary non-woven bag also want to appear a high-grade level, but from the cost of ordinary non-woven fabric environmental protection bag is also very affordable price, the price has a few to about a MAO, so it is only natural for non-woven environmental protection bags of rapidly, but ordinary non-woven fabric has a very obvious disadvantage is that appearance can't give people a feeling of high-grade packaging, this is screen printing or laminating process can present, However, the high-end packaging industry also has a large space for application. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and clothes.

Laser non-woven bag is due to its look gorgeous, rich color can better display its high-grade quality, so a lot of high-end gifts more and more choose to use it to as a product of the packing bag.

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