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Common Knowledge Of Backpack Selection
Jul 07, 2018

How can you choose a backpack that fits you when you buy it? What are the techniques for choosing the style, size and price of a backpack?

1. Choose the size of the backpack according to your own conditions. 2. For the selection of materials used in the backpack, although the canvas is relatively wear-resistant, it is easy to be damp, wet, dry and heavy in quality, so it is seldom used. The quality of nylon fabric is lighter, it will not absorb moisture, mildew, dry quickly and have good strength. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and is fire resistant. Cordura cloth is also a synthetic nylon fabric, but it performs better than nylon in terms of wear resistance and strength. It also does not absorb moisture, moldy and stick to snowflakes and dries quickly, but is slightly heavier than nylon.

3. The choice of capacity, which is an important factor in selecting and purchasing a backpack: the capacity is not enough to use, so it is cumbersome and easy to lose the goods hanging outside; However, if the capacity is too large, the backpack will not be stable when packing, and the equipment in the bag will be affected by moving. So, the first thing you need to do to select the backpack capacity is to create a list of personal items.

4, bearing system, backpack with system cannot completely solve the problem of the weight of the bag, its main function is to allocate to the various parts of the body weight, avoid weight on the shoulder. Although high center of gravity design is not suitable for situations requiring high balance, it is more comfortable to carry on a flat road. The backpack is also easy to load and collect, and allows the weight to be Shared by the shoulders and hips. Since the backpack is carried on a rack, the back is well ventilated.

Choosing a backpack that fits you will not only make your trip more pleasant, it will also make your trip less unnecessarily troublesome.