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Waterproof Sports Bag Cartoon Underwater Dry Phone Pocket

Waterproof Sports Bag Cartoon Underwater Dry Phone Pocket
At present, the waterproof mobile phone bags sold in the market are made of silicone, PVC, TPU and other materials. At the same time, also pay attention to the waterproof level of goods. When buying, do not buy three no products, pay attention to check whether the goods are intact, as far as possible to ask for proof, in order to facilitate rights. Before use, don't worry to put your mobile phone, it is recommended to put paper towels, into the basin for 12 hours, test the waterproof performance, and then with the mobile phone. When using, pay attention to waterproof bag to use the material change that may appear because of long time even more. For example, some waterproof bags with TPU material are easy to be aged and deformed when used at high temperature for a long time. At this time, they need to be replaced in time so as not to cause damage to mobile phones and other problems. Additional, do not hang waterproof bag bag to go up in the neck, in case produce accident the rope twines neck to cause asphyxiation.
Product Details:

■ Item specifics:

Brand   Name: CHARTMATE

Material: PVC

Feature: waterproof

Capacity: 2L

Type: Handbag

Model   Number: MN-034

Application   scenario :Application scenario Swimming, Fishing, Beach, Cycling, Diving

Size :Mobile   phones below the 6-inch screen can be used.

Waterproof   depth:20 meters

Type 1:Waterproof   Sports Bag Waist Bag Swimming Drifting Diving Waist Pack

Type 2:Swimming   Surfing Waterproof Bag Outdoor Rafting Drifting Phone Dry Bag

Type 3:Phone   Pouch Underwater Dry Shoulder Phone Pocket

Type 4:Swimming   Bags Waterproof Bag Underwater Pouch Phone  

Type 5:Waterproof   Bag Drifting Water Sports Swimming Mobile Phone Bag

Type 6:Outdoor   Swimming Mobile Phone Waterproof Pouch Float Bag

Cnsku: 0.060K-008.8-010-020/-003.99

■ Product Description:


Sealing System Use Three Notes:

→ Check the product details page before using. 

→ Check the product after receiving the product for damage.

→ Please do not put in digital products when using for the first time.Use tissue products instead. Check the product.


Waterproof Sports Bag


Waterproof Sports Bag


Waterproof Sports Bag

■ Packaging Details:

■ FAQ:

Q1: What kind of Surface process can be done by material?

    A. Non woven : Gravure printing, Silkscreen, Heat transfer printing, Lamination

   B. PP woven : Glossy lamination, Matt lamiantion, Laser lamination

   C. Polyester : Silkscreen, Heat transfer printing, Heat sublimation

   D. Cotton : Silkscreen, Heat transfer printing, Digital printing

   E. We also will design bag with new fabric that will be send to our clients to  open new market.

Q2: What materials do you need for eco-friendly bag?

   A. pp non woven bags with silkscreen those are simple and relatively cheap,suited for shopping,

         advertising ,promotion or gifts 

   B. Laminate bags, such as non woven or pp woven with lamination( those are more

       vivid, beautiful and popular, good for homes, shopping, promotion, packaging)

   C. 14 needles PET laminated bags    

   D. 22 needles PET bags ( usually made with silkscreen or hot transfer printing)

Q3.What  factors will effect the price?

   A. Bag’s size    B. Printing    C. Material   D.workmanship   E.Quantity

       we are professional manufacturer focus on 2015 new design reusable shopping bag,PP

       non- woven bag,PP non woven bag ,pls feel free to send me a inquiry.

■ About us:

The following is part of the company information, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!

Trademark   style




Brand name


The   applicant

Shenzhen CHART MATE  handbag co.,   LTD

Application   date


The   registration date


Trademark   duration

- to -

Trademark   process status

Application for trademark registration

Trademark   classification

Class1802 - leather, synthetic leather goods, cases and travelling bags   not included in other classes, leather goods for daily use

Classification   of trademarks

Bag; Backpack; Non-special cosmetic bag;   Rucksack; rucksack. The package; Handbag; Wallet (wallet); Travel bag. A   briefcase. Sports bag

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