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Waist Belt Bag

Waist Belt Bag
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Product Details:

Details of the waist belt bag

MaterialFeatureUseSizeColorClosure type
  Canvas  Durable  Running  Custom size  Custom color  Zipper

More details of the waist belt bag

The waist belt bag

The waist belt bag

    FITS ALL WAISTS: The belt is made of high-quality elastic material, the fastener is thickened and well made, the user-friendly design makes it perfect for outdoor activities like running, hiking, cycling, climbing, riding, ect.

    STAYS IN PLACE: Though the running pack is lightweight, It doesn’t move, jiggle, bounce or chafe due to the high density elastic belt. You will be safe and seen due to the reflective strip which provides you with extra protection during evening runs.

Quality of the waist belt bag

----3 product-lines

----Three self-tests including material, finished product and pre-factory

----100 workers

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