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Chest Harness Bag

Chest Harness Bag
Pattern type:Solid color
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The Chest Harness bag

Product description

CanvasComfortableSimplegrey,purpleCHART MATE
Waterproof fabricDurableLeisureBase on sampleaccept custom logo

More details of the chest harness bag

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                                               The Chest Harness bag

    This purple chest harness bag meets the woman's beautiful and noble temperament. It can increase the charm of women invisibly. The lady will show her style when she goes out shopping.

chest harness bag.jpg

The Chest Harness Bag

    This chest bag handles every detail accessory with care, making it a full-featured carrying device. It is fast and easy to open by the metal buckle. It uses a wear-resistant fabric. Its solid characteristics will reveal its own texture and grade.

Quality of the chest harness bag

    We have produce-lineand more than 100 workers. It is importance to delivery time will be promised.

    High-quality as our business objective is winning our long-term customer’s trust and support.Welcome to visit our factory and cooperate with us.

Serving of the chest harness bag


    1. Every client is one of our partner,we will be warmly kind to you for any questions.

    2. We are always online for you.

    3. Every problem of the product will be solved for you in time.

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