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What's in mommy's bag?
Jul 07, 2018

Preparation starts with the simplest thing: the mommy bag. Every parent has one, and some families even have two -- one in the car, the other in reserve: forgetting to take it with them, or going out in too much of a hurry to get their mom's bags ready.

When you actually buy a bag, you often have to choose from hundreds of packages. Your choice depends on your style of doing things and your enthusiasm for traveling. One kind of bag appearance is concise, refined, do adornment with black number only, can one thing double use, resemble working bag simply. The other kind of mummy bag fully displays its owner's "baby crazy" mentality, decorated with different styles of teddy bears and rattle bells. Some mom bags are large enough to be used as adult luggage.

You should shop around and pick a bag that not only fits your style but also carries comfort. Don't buy small handles because your hands are free to do other things.

What's the most basic thing in mommy's bag? Every parent has their own list, but there are a few things that are essential, like paper diapers and pad pads. You might also consider wearing a tissue, hip cream or moisturizer. Bring a plastic bag so you can visit a dirty diaper without a trash can. Carry a pouch for feeding, or a cloth towel or cloth diaper to wipe the baby's mouth and spit.

Bring an extra set of replacement clothes to your baby in your bag, which can be used when things flip over or something unexpected happens.