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The difference between pure cotton and polyester
Jul 07, 2018

Now there is a growing demand for canvas bags in the market. We also want to learn more about canvas materials from canvas bag manufacturers.

A canvas is a thick cotton or linen fabric. That is to say, the main components are cotton, hemp, polyester. As long as there are pure cotton canvas and polyester canvas and cotton linen cloth, we will first understand the difference between cotton cloth and polyester cotton cloth. Cotton is a cloth made of cotton yarn. It is the general name of all kinds of cotton fabrics.

From fabric products, cotton and polyester-cotton difference is not large, pure cotton feel feels more comfortable, soft personal, hygroscopicity, permeability is good, but the drawback is easy to shrinkage, easy to wrinkle, beautiful appearance is crisp, must often ironing. Polyester and cotton products are elastic, not easy to wrinkle deformation, good shape preservation, quick dry and no ironing after washing, good abrasion resistance, good finish, which is also an important reason why canvas bags are often chosen. Pure cotton is easy to be dyed, but the color boundary is not as clear as that of polyester.