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Overview of cosmetic bag
Jul 07, 2018

Cosmetic bag, it is the bag that carries cosmetic, if: eyelash creams, lip color, powdery cake, eyebrow pencil, sunblock, blotting paper.

The cosmetic bag is used to go out convenient repair a makeup, I feel put on lipstick, powdery cake and filling water spray is OK, as far as the eye shadow brush and so on should be in the home, such bags won't too heavy, but also need enough. According to the material, the cosmetic bag can be divided into: nylon cloth cosmetic bag, cotton cosmetic bag, PVC cosmetic bag, pu cosmetic bag and so on.

A cosmetic bag is a kind of bag used for making up. It is the bag that holds cosmetic commonly, more detailed cent is, multifunction professional make up pack, travel USES contracted make up bag and domestic small make up pack.

Other still have professional type makeup bag, basically be professional makeup artist USES, the function is much, many cent case and store content bag; Travel cosmetic bag, usually portable. Little space, but full function. Place common cosmetics and toiletries; Household small cosmetic bag, the style and kind are changeable.