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Non-woven bags are also high-end
Jul 07, 2018

With the continuous improvement of living standards, environmental pollution can be seen everywhere in the population. When the environment is confronted with a major crisis, low-carbon environmental protection has become the living theme advocated by the whole world. Not only in China, but also in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Environmental protection bag is no longer just the aunt Boyle's exclusive, it has spread to the streets, and no matter needs an adult child, even a lot of pop stars use environmental protection bag, environmental protection has become the current trend.

Stars go, in the front of the trend, of course, for the environmental protection is not exceptional also, some famous people said their shopping early don't use plastic bags, and on many occasions are occasionally to promote environmental protection concept, in the eyes of most people, non-woven bag not good-looking appearance, material is not high-grade, no high grade, atmospheric only took to the streets to buy food may use. Many young people carry fashionable bags. However, it is not hard to find that many celebrities have the shadow of environmental bags in their street photos. Is it impossible to show their high-end features? Of course not. Nonwoven bags still shine brilliantly on them, and many people even want them!