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How to use green non-woven bags correctly
Jul 07, 2018

Are non-woven bags environmentally friendly these days? Will it contaminate the environment? There will be debate again and again. No matter whether the non-woven bag is an environmental bag or not, as long as we learn to use the non-woven bag correctly, it can be counted as an environmental bag.

Before the emergence of new completely green materials, the non-woven bags are considered environmentally friendly at present. But nonwoven bags are also a component of plastic (polypropylene) commonly known as pp. Because polypropylene has more molecular properties than other plastics, it is easy to decompose under non-constant temperature. Plastic pollutes the environment, so non-woven bags are no exception. The real reason non-woven fabrics are green is not because of their materials but because of their use. Many people now abuse nonwoven bags, which can cause more damage to the environment. A non-woven bags are discarded plastic is far higher than that of disposable plastic bags, it is because of the abuse of plastic bags cause serious "white pollution", so we in the use of non-woven bag to prevent the abuse of non-woven bag, non-woven bag itself because of its can be used repeatedly to call on a kind of environmental protection bag, if we use the non-woven bags like the use of disposable plastic bags, it will cause greater harm to the environment.