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How to choose the mommy bag
Jul 07, 2018

1. The first time we have in choosing a mummy bag at that time, there is always a concern, considering the size of the package, choose according to their height size, also should see yourself how much things, every time go out to take to choose the appropriate size.

2. The second thing to think about is the style, most of which is slanted with one shoulder. However, the design can be hung on the cradle car or children's car. The design of model of bag and bravery are very important actually, when buying, need to choose carefully according to oneself be fond of and need.

Mom should have enough bags and enough pockets. Because this is one of the most important reasons we buy it, no matter whether we buy a big mommy bag or a small mommy bag when we go out, it must be enough. A mother's purse, large or small, for work or leisure, is not suitable for baby supplies. The design of the mummy bag is very considerate. We should pay attention to its internal structure and enough pockets when choosing it. Because we want to bottle, carrying boxes of milk powder, water bottles, biscuits, baby diapers, all kinds of paper towels, small towels, standby or wet trousers, clothing and even umbrellas, cell phone, wallet and so on.

Mommy's bag is made of good material. Many mummy bag lining is made of waterproof design, because we carry too many bottles, liquid, and to put the baby after wet the pants, so when the choice must be at least one layer is waterproof. Put all kinds of bottle water bottle pockets also should choose to have heat preservation effect, after go out looking for water milk less convenient, go out to dinner sometimes carry the baby tableware, so when the need to use hot water, a have heat preservation effect of mummy bag can help you save a lot of things.

Mommy needs a big bag and a small one. Big mummy bag to go out in a long time when applicable, can hold more, such as baby's coat, thin blanket (in case the baby fell asleep outside), the baby with the tableware, such as milk powder, diapers, paper can also take a little more, or when the mother took the baby to go out shopping, also can let mom "trophies". The little mummy bag suitable for after dinner, or in a short period of time with the baby go out to play for a while, do not need to carry so many things, but must be bottle ah, have to carry water, a small mom and good light. You can choose the style that can be both inclined span and when the Fanny pack is tied in the waist. It is easy to carry and does not affect your baby's running and jumping.