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How to choose good cosmetic bag, avoid cosmetic to fall bad
Jul 07, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, we may encounter problems with the use of cosmetics: bottle opening, glass bottle bursting, powder cake breaking. How many times have you had to clean up your makeup bag? You've had to bite your teeth. Although buying that kind of hard makeup bag can protect makeup bottle more, but make already commonly hard and heavy inside capacity is low, anyway I am to take clothes to wrap rather than carry that kind of makeup bag as far as possible.

First: a thick, soft cotton, multi-pocket make-up bag is perfect

In fact, I prefer more shock absorption layer of cotton, touch like the thin coats, cosmetic bag, also need to have a few small pocket inside, special plug put a relatively more fragile and easy to be squeezed out for the items, such as powdery cake, such as pure dew, pump discharge makeup oil. So even if being hit by a relentlessly around in the trunk, as long as the package of cosmetic between "don't fight," is generally not bad, and the number of zippered rectangle or oval bag the most practical, qualitative light, large capacity.

Second: a cosmetic bag of the right size can avoid collision

A bag about the right size to hold all your make-up can hold all the bottles tightly in a slightly tight space, preventing them from colliding and causing tragedy. How big should you choose? Determine the length of the cosmetic bag based on the height of your top bottle plus 3~5cm, and determine the width of the cosmetic bag based on the approximate length of all the cosmetic bottles when standing close together. Of course, if you don't want to leave your toiletries in reverse, just change the length and width of your makeup bag.

Third: make a "partition" for the cosmetic bag.

To be honest, many people may find it easier and faster to wrap fragile products in clothes or a bit of foam paper and stuff them in, but isn't that a huge bag? It's ugly, isn't it? So at ordinary times put exactly express ran out of box, plastic board or crusty shell, can DIY, to make it like a honeycomb bottle partition, board package a layer of beautiful stickers to draw some illustrations, become beautiful. If you are afraid of trouble, don't like to DIY, so fragile cosmetics such as powdery cake, keep the original packaging products, and then placing it in the cosmetic bag inside a small panels with zipper, will also be safer than carrying in the bag.