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Environmental bag customization
Jul 07, 2018

China's environmental protection industry started late, and now there are few domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of fashion environmental protection bags. At a time when environmental awareness is increasing, many countries recognize the advantages of non-woven bags. First, it has the characteristics of short technological process, high yield, low interest rate, rapid variety change and extensive source of raw materials. Secondly, there are many choices in the form of expression. Third, the non-woven bag has a long service life and features of automatic degradation.

At present, all countries in the world attach great importance to environmental protection. Ordinary plastic bags can no longer meet the requirement of environmental degradation. In some developed countries, such as Australia, the production of plastic bags in any form has been banned for more than a year. This non-woven environmental protection bag is not only fresh in color and design, but also has a long life. More important raw materials are widely used and can be degraded automatically. This is completely in line with the needs of today's world.

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