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Autumn and winter handbags trend topic: Valextra 2018 autumn and winter new handbags
Dec 27, 2018

Trend 1: Retro Tone - British College

As the weather gets colder, the current seasonal color scheme tends to be more and more restrained. In addition to the timeless earth color, when the layers of rich green, blue and gray, and the variety of red are blended into a rich retro color, it has become a color that can not be ignored on the stage of autumn and winter.


Trend 2: Down Elements - Avant-garde "Fluffy"

With the evolution of fabrics and silhouettes, the color matching is gradually enriched. Today's cutting-edge show, down has become one of the hottest and fashionable elements of winter, and this trend has gradually spread to the field of accessories.


Trend 3: Wool & Tassel - Free "Urban Gypsy" Style

Winter is the best time to mix and match. The multiple and vivid colors, coupled with the splicing of individual tassels and natural materials, follow the traditional costumes of the nomadic nomads, which is the key to creating a sense of urbanism in the streets.


Trend 4: Mini Size - reduced size, enlarged fashion

Although the clothes are thicker, the keywords in winter are definitely not dull and bulky. Worried that the layered package will not be neat? Maybe a small and exquisite handbag can solve all this.

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