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Bubble Envelopes Colorful Balls Bags

Bubble Envelopes Colorful Balls Bags
Classification of packaging bags:
According to the packaging form classification: three side seal, Yin and Yang bag, middle seal, pillow bag, five side seal bag, eight side seal bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag, straw bag, rolling material, cover material and so on
Classification by function: high negative membrane bag, cooking film bag, anti-static film bag, anti-bacterial film bag, anti-fog film bag, vacuum bag, anti-chemical film bag, de-oxygenation packaging film bag, air conditioning packaging film bag, etc
According to the material classification is: laser aluminum coating paper materials, laser transfer paper materials, paper composite materials, aluminum composite materials, plastic composite materials, fabric composite materials.
Product Details:

々 Quick Details:

Production name:

Bubble Envelopes colorful Balls Bags



Brand Name:



As your requirement

Special Process:

Dye sublimation printing


Silk screen / Heat transfer


Quick response / fast delivery



Place of Origin:

Guangdong , China (Mainland)


Shopping, promotion, gift etc

Model Number:



High quality cheap price


Solid Color,Letter





Party, Wedding & Engage

々 Product information:


¤ Brand Name: CHARTMATE

¤ Type: Wallet Envelope

¤ Model Number: AM-005

¤ Use: Gift Envelope

¤ Size: 120*180+40mm

¤ Material: poly bubble film

¤ color: pink

¤ Occasion: Wedding、Birthday、Party、Party, Wedding & Engage


¤ Brand Name: CHARTMATE

¤ Type: Wallet Envelope

¤ Model Number: AM-005

¤ Use: Gift Envelope

¤ Size: 120*180+40mm

¤ Material: poly bubble film

¤ color: pink

¤ Occasion: Wedding、Birthday、Party、Party, Wedding & Engage

々 FAQ:

1.When we received your inquiry,we will send you professional quotation.

2.When you got the price, we can discuss the details.

3.If you confirmed the details above, then we will send you PI(proforma invoice).

4.After receiving the deposit from you, we will send you mass production samples for confirmation.

5.If plastic bag sample is confirmed, we will arrange production and let you know delivery details.

6.Before we finish production, we will send you packing information for your freight checking.

7.When we finish production and packing, we will send you pictures to confirm.

8.Once confirmed, you will have to arrange the balance payment, and then we arrange delivery.   

 9.When you received our cargo in good quality, pls feedback to us!   


1) What’s your lead time?

---Our common delivery time is 25-30 working days. But it still depends on our production schedule. During delivery peak period, it will take longer time.

2) Can you make samples for free?How long will it take ?

---To customize the sample, we will need some sample cost. The sample cost varies according to the complexity of the product. If we have all materials in stock, the sample time is 3-4 working days. If we need to purchase the material or customize the accessores  from our supplier, the sample time will be 10-15 days.

3) What is the port of your shipment?

---As based in Shenzhen, our common delivery port is Shenzhen Port.

4) How do you guarantee the quality?

---First, our materials are all provided by formal suppliers. We will make incomming inspection and return the defective materials. Second, we will make technical review and production review before producing. Third, we have routing inspection during production. Fourth, we will make 100% inspection before packaging. Fifth, we provide one year warranty for our products. If there are any problems, we will replace the defective products during the warranty in condition that the products have not been used.

5) Are you the factory?Where is the location?

---Yes. We have three factories which are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

6)What's the minimum order?And what’s the minimum order if I need to custom with my own Logo?

---For goods in stock, our MOQ is 500pcs. If you would like to customize the Logo and size, the MOQ is 2000pcs. If you would also like to customize the material, the MOQ will be higher.

7)What certificates have your products got?

---We have ROSH certificate for our products. Also we have REACH certificates from our material suppliers for the materials.

8) What are your payment methods ? ---We can accept Paypal, Western union, T/T and L/C

9) Can I use my own logo or design?

---Yes, of course you can. Pls tell the sales person you contacted about your detailed request of your own logo. We can meet your any demands.

10) Have you inspected the factory?What kind of inspection reports do you have?

---Yes, we have L’Oreal factory audit report, also have factory audit report from Asia Inspection.

々 About us:

★Our company's products are extremely diverse, the price is also fluctuating, the margin of preference is quite large. Welcome to inquire about the relevant products, the following is part of the company's information:

Trademark  style



Brand name


The  applicant

Shenzhen CHART MATE  handbag co.,  LTD

Application  date


The  registration date


Trademark  duration

2016-09-07 to  2026-09-06

Trademark  process status

Trademark registration application completed

Trademark  classification

Class 1801- leather and synthetic leather, furs

Class1802 - leather, synthetic leather goods, cases and travelling bags  not included in other classes, leather goods for daily use

Class 1804- umbrellas and their parts

Category 1805- walking sticks

Class 1806- animal utensils

Class 1807- casing

Classification  of trademarks

Imitation leather. (women's) purse; Camping  handbags; The package; Handbag; Leather bags for packaging; An umbrella; A  walking stick. Hay bags (hay bags); Sausage casing

Trademark  style



Brand name


The  applicant

Shenzhen CHART MATE  handbag co.,  LTD

Application  date


The  registration date


Trademark  duration

2015-10-07 to  2025-10-06

Trademark  process status

Trademark registration application completed

Trademark classification

Class 0601- general metals and their alloys, plates, various profiles  (excluding welding and railway metal materials)

Class 0603- metallic building materials, removable metallic buildings  (excluding building hardware)43

Class 0605- cables and wire, mesh and tape for non-electrical use

Class 0607- nails and standard fasteners

Class 0610- non-electronic locks

Class 0612- metallic appliances, metallic hardware (not machine parts)

Class 0613- metal containers

Class 0614- metal signs

Class 0622- general metal works of art, bronze (works of art)


Classification  of trademarks

Wear resistant metal; Metal scaffolding; Metal  bands for packing or binding; Metal fastening fastener for box; Metal  fasteners (hooks); Metal lock for package; Hooks (metal implements);  Container; Metal signs; Ordinary metal art

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